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Smart meter opt-out plan ordered by CPUC

CPUC ANNOUNCES SMART METER OPT-OUT PLAN / VIDEO OF MARCH 10, 2011 CPUC MEETING Note: In the first five minutes of this video, hear Michael Peevey, President of CPUC, describe the smart meter opt-out plan he is directing PG&E to submit, within 2 weeks. In the following hour, listen to members of the public submit […]

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Irvine, CA is Living Laboratory for Smart Grid

Found on www.Recovery.gov  Advanced Search:   So CA Edison regarding the city of Irvine, CA: "the [smart grid / smart meter] project will literally provide a living laboratory"   The following shows the governmental attitude toward the public re: the smart grid – and they are up front about admitting they are experimenting on us. […]

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