Exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation (Genuis, 2008)


Public Health (2008)
Review Article

Fielding a current idea: exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation

Stephen J. Genuis

Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, 2935

66 Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6K 4C1
Received 26 May 2006; received in revised form 12 January 2007; accepted 2 April 2007Available online 18 June 2007

Several publications in the scientific literature have raised concernabout the individual and public

health impact of adverse non-ionizing radiation(a-NIR) from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure

emanating from certain power,electrical and wireless devices commonly found in the home, workplace,

school andcommunity. Despite the many challenges in establishing irrefutable scientific proof of

harm and the various gaps in elucidating the precise mechanisms of harm,epidemiological analyses

continue to suggest considerable potential for injury andaffliction as a result of a-NIR exposure.

As environmental health has not beenemphasized in medical education, some clinicians are not fully

aware of possibleEMF-related health problems and, as a result, manifestations of a-NIR may

remainmisdiagnosed and ineffectually managed. It is important for physicians and publichealth

officials to be aware of the fundamental science and clinical implications of EMF exposure. A review

of the scientific literature relating to the link betweenelectromagnetic radiation and human health,

several public health recommenda-tions, and four case histories are presented for consideration.

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