Honeybee behavior & bio under electrosmog caused by electromagnetic radiations

According to Hirsch, the smart meter provides up to 160 times the full body radiation of a cell phone. This means smart meters can interfere with the reproduction of insects and are a menace to the entire web of life on our planet. (SMD)

"The behaviour of exposed foragers was negatively influenced by the exposure, there was neither honey nor pollen in the colony at the end of the experiment."(Sharma, Kumar, 2010)

Changes in honeybee behaviour and biology under the influence of cellphone radiations

From CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 98, NO. 10, 25 MAY 2010

Ved Parkash Sharma1 and Neelima R. Kumar2,*
1Department of Environment and Vocational Studies, and
2Department of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh 160 014, India

Increase in the usage of electronic gadgets has led to
electropollution of the environment. Honeybee behaviour
and biology has been affected by electrosmog
since these insects have magnetite in their bodies
which helps them in navigation. There are reports of
sudden disappearance of bee populations from honeybee
colonies. The reason is still not clear. We have
compared the performance of honeybees in cellphone
radiation exposed and unexposed colonies. A significant
(p < 0.05) decline in colony strength and in the
egg laying rate of the queen was observed. The behaviour
of exposed foragers was negatively influenced by
the exposure, there was neither honey nor pollen in
the colony at the end of the experiment.
Keywords: Colony strength, electromagnetic field,
foraging behaviour, honeybees.
RECENTLY a new phenomenon of sudden disappearance
of bees with little sign of disease or infection has been
reported from the world over. Bees simply leave the hives
and fail to return1,2. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is
the name given to this problem. Bee colony collapse was
previously attributed to viruses, parasitic mites, pesticides,
genetically modified crop use and climate change.
On the basis of widely reported influences on honeybee
behaviour and physiology, electromagnetic field is
emerging as a potent culprit3.
The decimation of bees is seen as a grave risk to the
delicate equilibrium of the ecosystem. There is an urgent
need to understand the complicity of interaction involved
in the influence of electromagnetic radiations particularly
due to cellphones on honeybee biology and to work out a
strategy of development with minimal environmental
Four colonies of honeybees, Apis mellifera L, were
selected in the apiary of the Zoology Department, Panjab
University, Chandigarh. Two colonies T1 and T2 were
marked as test colonies. These were provided with
two functional cellphones of GSM 900 MHz frequency.
The average radiofrequency (RF) power density was
8.549 μW/cm2 (56.8 V/m, electric field). The cellphones
were placed on the two side walls of the bee hive in call
mode. Electromotive field (EMF) power density was measured
with the help of RF power density meter (Figure 1).

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