Wired Child

Wired Child

For those of you obsessed with your wireless technology, I need to ask–why are my children and I considered acceptable collateral damage so you can have your wireless convenience? Have you utterly lost your sense of humanity? Maybe you don’t feel any health effects (yet) from this technology, but many of us do–millions of us–and we are suffering. Do you not care? I want to know why you don’t care. I want to know why your wireless gadgets are worth more to you than my children’s health or my health or our lives. What in God’s name is so important about your texting that we have become inconsequential?

You wouldn’t force a child who is allergic to peanuts to live in a home filled with peanuts, would you? Would you force a peanut-allergic child to endure such a potentially deadly assault on their immune system? But Super WiFi, smart meters, WiFi, etc. are essentially doing just that to people like us who are sensitive. Perhaps you don’t acknowledge the problem because the radiation is invisible (you can at least SEE peanuts). Yet we are being bombarded by toxic radiation everywhere we go, whether we like it or not–and we have become inconsequential because you want what you want: your wireless convenience. I want to know why–even if you are seemingly unaffected by this technology–I want to know why you don’t care about those of us who ARE affected. I want to know why you are not speaking out on our behalf. You are, by your silence, saying it is okay.

I don’t care if this technology is “popular” or if “everyone is using it”; this is not okay. It is not okay to say “well it’s not going away so you’ll just have to live with it.” Many of us who are sick from this radiation are now too ill to speak out. Many of us struggle just to find a safe place to live, shop, or go to school. We can’t even safely go to a doctor or a hospital without getting seriously ill because of WiFi exposure. There are electrosensitive people living in tents in the mountains and the deserts of our country because they can’t live anywhere else due to the amount of radiation in our communities.

I post info on this subject all the time. Some of you read it (thank you if you do), but I’m sure many of you don’t bother because you’re not affected (yet) or you haven’t figured out that your health problems are being caused by it. Or maybe you just don’t want to hear it because you love your wireless gadgets so much. But what about those of us who are fully aware this technology is making us sick? Do we not matter to you? Maybe it’s just easier for you to think we are imagining it. Well if you think you’re not affected, think again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of kids dying from leukemia, cancer, and brain tumors (are they perhaps sitting underneath a wireless access point at school? using a cell phone themselves? or just frying in Mom or Dad’s car while the parents use their cell phone?) Now, appallingly, I see parents giving their toddlers SmartPhones to keep them busy and help them “get through the day.” I am sick of cell towers going up outside schools and residential neighborhoods. I’m sick of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) units (the equivalent of a cell antenna) being installed on the telephone wires right outside people’s bedroom windows–and they don’t even know because the radiation is invisible.

I’m disgusted by the number of children being drugged for “ADHD” and “behavior problems” (how can they think or behave properly when bombarded by whole-body radiation from WiFi at school???) I’m sick of getting yet another phone call that my sister, my cousin, or my friend has breast cancer (oh that’s right, they have a wireless digital utility meter on their house, WiFi in their home/office, and/or they use a cell phone). I’m tired of hearing about my friends’ husbands dying from kidney and bladder cancer (can you say laptop???)

I want to know where all the bees have gone (they used to be EVERYWHERE when we were kids). I want to know how the hell we’re going to grow food if all the pollinators are dead! I’m tired of flocks of birds dropping dead out of the sky, and millions of bats (also pollinators) dying of mysterious fungal diseases (the immune system cannot function properly in the presence of these frequencies). If you think you’re not affected by all this, please think again.

If you are reading this right now, then at some point you crossed paths with me in life. If you cared enough to have me as a Facebook friend in the first place, please care enough to acknowledge that this technology is essentially free license to commit genocide in slow motion against those of us who cannot tolerate these frequencies. And you or your child may be next if/when your body can’t tolerate it anymore either. So please have the moral fortitude and common human decency to do something about it, because those of us who are getting sick from it can’t do it alone anymore. We need your help. The problem has gotten too big and soon there will be no escaping it (see below–Super WiFi is on its way). If you are truly a human being, start acting like one. Please don’t accept what is happening to your fellow human beings. Please care about me and my kids and others like us. Please care about those who are being affected and don’t even realize it yet. Please do something about this.

It is not okay to essentially cripple and/or kill off an entire segment of the population for the sake of wireless convenience. We, as a species, should be better than that. There. That’s what’s on my mind today, so now it’s on my wall. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading. And if you agree, pass it on.



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