CCST Report Corrections w/ Chart of Whole Body Exposures [Hirsch]

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For video commentary by author of the CCST Commentary (Hirsch):

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SMs[Smart Meters] Worse Than Cell Phones – Two Orders of Magnitude

"Debunking ‘Cut-and-Past Science’
New calculations suggest that continuous whole-body exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from so-called ‘smart’ meters – which operate around the clock – may be between 50 and 160 times worse [than] that from cell phones."


"Working with two graduate student assistants, Hirsch used the CCST’s own figures to calculate corrections to the multiple errors he found in the CCST report. [emphasis by SMD].His findings focus on whole-body exposure and ‘duty cycles,’ or the length of time ‘smart’ meters operate (24/7) as compared with the much shorter normal operation times of cell phone and microwave ovens. They are summarized in the chart below. [ Download a full PDF of the Hirsch critique here. ]"
"Figure A. Comparison of Radio-Frequency Levels to the Whole Body from Various Sources in μW/cm2 [microwatts per centimeter squared] over time – corrected for assumed duty cycle and whole body exposure extrapolated from assumed cell phone dose at ear."


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