New Smart Meters Aren’t So Smart: The Utility Company’s Silent Killer

From the La Mesa Patch, La Mesa, CA

New Smart Meters Aren't So Smart: The Utility Company's Silent Killer

Susan Brinchman: “Smart meters … are harmful to all biological beings, and may interfere with the food chain."


I am writing as the Founder and Director of the American Coalition Against Smart Meters and Smart Meter Dangers, to ask if your organization will add a national smart meter moratorium as a project.

Smart meters, with harmful frequencies of rf (radiofrequency) radiation in a widespread mesh network, are harmful to all biological beings, and may interfere with the food chain. They are not a solution to global warming and our environmental organizations need to learn more about this.

Take a moment to learn how the new utility meters are actually making many people very ill and causing grave risk to the rest. The problematic frequencies that the meters use, combined with environmental factors never taken into consideration, and the chronic exposures, with no health or safety testing ahead of time, has led to a rapidly evolving public health disaster.

Smart meters are being deployed throughout California this year and, within a short while, people will begin to have complaints of sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, ear ringing, ear pain, and more.

I ask that you visit to learn what scientists and experts are really saying about the smart meters, and why the utility company propaganda isn't holding water. Smart meters do hurt people and animals, far more than cell phones. Smart meters don't reduce energy use and may actually increase it, according to studies. Smart meters do cause fires and arcing of electricity. Smart meters do cause "dirty electricity."

The studies presented by utility companies are insider reports. They are not independent studies. They are wrong. A review of the data shows that smart meters emit up to 160 times more rf radiation than cell phones for whole body exposures. Smart meters are on, day and night, with high levels of pulsed radiation being emitted all day long. Smart meters don't help; they hurt.

I have experienced these meters first hand: I have two on my house (one at each end) and am tortured daily by these, with no help from the utility―not even with a doctor’s note. I must avoid one end of the house and stay in the middle, sleeping on the couch. I cannot enter the master bedroom where the most problematic electric meter is. I have suffered shrill ringing in my ears, which has led, in less than a year, to hearing loss in both ears. I have suffered pain every day from inflamed sinuses and headaches, sleeping problems and even skin cancer. I am not alone.

Some other very disturbing facts:

Smart meters do not help with global warming; smart meters can use more energy, studies show.

Smart meters often cost the customer more―utility bills often skyrocket after installation.

Smart meters interfere with privacy; your every movement is tracked inside the home as these meters log exactly what you are doing.

Smart meters are wireless and the system is easily hacked into.

Smart meters are capable of making you very ill and even causing death―they can and do interfere with the signals of the heart, for instance. This means that they are like having a weapon in your home that can be turned on you by anyone in control, including terrorists.

Smart meters can put our nation's security at risk, since they can be easily hacked; our nation's electricity will no longer be secure and could be remotely shut off.

Once these meters are on your home or business, the utility will try very hard to keep them there, as they stand to make billions from raising rates during peak hours and charging you for them.

We need your help to protect America from being experimented on with a new, deadly technology that is going to be placed on every building in our nation unless we stop it from happening with our collective voices.

I invite you to contact me and to join our Coalition. I invite you to learn about this new problem that will sicken millions of Americans, increase suffering and create yet more of a public healthcare burden on our country. Smart meters are a poorly researched, deadly plan for America. Please learn more, and share it with all your readers!

Susan Brinchman, La Mesa

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Helix Water District is also using 322 smart meters in the Mt. Helix area and may be planning to use them throughout their region (Mt. Helix, La Mesa, Lemon Grove). It is essential to stop Helix Water District Board of Governors from voting to extend these radiation-emitting public menaces from being implanted in the sidewalks. They are having a Helix Water District Board Meeting on Wed., April 6th at 2 PM. Please download a speaker's slip at and attend. Tell Helix Water District we don't need more electro smog in our neighborhoods. Tell your City Councils and Mayors also. Over 34 municipalities in California have banned the installation of smart meters due to health effects complaints. Don't let the water district install more. If you suffer from the SDG&E meters, write them and file a formal complaint at the CPUC ( and notify and UCAN, orgs who are tracking the complaints. Let your local and state representatives know. Ask your assemblymembers to vote for AB 37, the Smart Meter Opt-Out Bill. Don't let our health be stolen by companies intent on profit and a government that is not adequately protecting our interests. Lastly, join the American Coalition Against Smart Meters, see link above. All activists welcome to contact me at


You only make assertions and offer no evidence. Where are these studies you to which you refer?
The WHO said there is no convincing scientific evidence that weak RF signals from wireless networks cause health problems.
SmartMeters emit about one watt, less than cell phones, which some research finds riskier because they are held to the head.
PG&E said its meters comply with federal safety standards.
"Radio frequency is all around us," Paul Moreno from PG&E said.
"SmartMeters are a very small measure of that. They are well within what you find with ordinary household appliances and far within FCC guidelines."


For more of an update, read and comments that address your question.
For assertions with citations go to :
For an entire website with all the science (is 6,000 articles enough?):
It is important to understand that WHO is ignoring the science and plays footsie with industry. Those who pollute with electrosmog are invited to help draw up WHO"s standards, which are worthless. Look at the science and the people who are reporting they are desperately ill. I have been one of them.


Cindy Sage, environmental consultant who is expert on smart meters and has studied them, writes, on the Mt. Helix Patch comments section, "Your readers should know that smart meters, in the manner installed and operated in California CAN violate FCC public safety limits. They CAN produce excessively high RF exposures. Sage Associates conducted computer modeling of smart meter wireless emissions. Using the FCC OET Bulletin 65 formulas, we demonstrated they can produce RF exposures within the living space of homes that are out of compliance with FCC regulations. It is not simply about the watts (the person commenting does not understand anything about pulsed RF). Smart meters have not been proven to provide ANY energy conservation benefits. They were sold to the public and CPUC as some kind of new 'green' technology. But, its not 'green' if it is bad for your health. And the final insult is that utilities double-dip us on the costs, first to pay for their failed corporate strategy and to clean up their economic mess by charging ratepayers to opt-out. The smart meter program is being rejected by consumers. It will not work. It is expensive. It harms health."


Radio frequency is a spectrum and there are some frequencies that are harmful. Also, pulsed radiation is much worse. you cannot get your information from the utilities – they have a conflict of interest, to the tune of billions of dollars of future earnings sucking the money out of us for time-of-day rating (you have yet to see it, but it is already approved) and tens of millions in grants from the Recovery Act to develop these deathmeters. Your quote, Robert, above (last line) is from an industry-paid report. Tobacco science. It would be great if we could trust authorities to tell us the truth or even to care about our health or well-being. I thought that would be the case, but not when money or politics is involved. The smart meters are the worst technologies to be foisted on the public ever – and remember, these are mandatory. Many of them are courtesy of the same company that poisoned the town of Hinkley, CA. Did you ever see Erin Brokovich (the movie)? Maybe you should rent it for a little refresher.


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