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  1. American Coalition Against Smart Meters | causes.com http://bit.ly/fyuGX5
  2. BCLocalNews.com – Viewpoint – Smart meters and grids put public at risk – http://bit.ly/ebOemT via @BlackPressMedia
  3. On PGE's Bogus Opt-out Option . Category: Reader Commentaries from The Berkeley Daily Planet http://bit.ly/fc1Zyv
  4. Pulse modulated 900 MHz radiation induces hypothyr… [Int J Radiat Biol. 2010] – PubMed result http://1.usa.gov/gu9fy3
  5. Please join: Facebook Cause: American Coalition Against SM's: http://www.causes.com/causes/594297-american-coalition-against-smart-meters
  6. Your comments invited on this PG&E opt-out plan article
  7. Marinscope Newspapers > News Pointer > News > PG&E outlines opt-out for meter opponents http://bit.ly/gADFPe
  8. PG&E installs SmartMeters after flood: Company replaced flood-damaged meters with wireless devices – San Jose Mercury N http://bit.ly/f1vpYV
  9. Residents voice SmartMeter concerns at open house in San Luis Obispo | KSBY.com | San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa B http://bit.ly/h1kPbc
  10. American Coalition Against Smart Meters | causes.com http://bit.ly/i7FztQ
  11. RSA conference looks at online vulnerability http://bit.ly/f5NOoT
  12. New hacking tools pose bigger threats to Wi-Fi users http://bit.ly/g4zjDC
  13. Microwave News ~ IARC Invites Industry to RF–Cancer Review http://bit.ly/fjOec9
  14. The Problems With Smart Grids: Dumb and Dangerous http://bit.ly/ePDTX6
  15. Mercury News editorial: PG&E needs new leadership to rebuild trust – San Jose Mercury News http://bit.ly/fPlZIh
  16. Plug pulled on smart meter plan http://t.co/TubOsuu via @theage
  17. Plug pulled on smart meter plan http://bit.ly/eou97k
  18. PG&E's $3 million penalty a slap on the wrist http://t.co/U0br4v3 via @sfgate
  19. CPUC had to be forced by public opinion and 34 counties and cities re: smart meters and health concerns . http://bit.ly/hwzuz6
  20. SmartMeters: PG&E wants to charge users to opt out http://bit.ly/gSFQui
  21. PG&E's SmartMeter Plan: Opt Out, Pay a Premium – The Bay Citizen http://bit.ly/hU9Z4R
  22. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD » Pick of the Week #22: A Very Important Symposium! http://bit.ly/eAZ0eK
  23. PG&E proposes charging customers to opt out of Smart Meter program | Way Out West News http://bit.ly/e7H84z
  24. PG&E proposes SmartMeter opt-out plan but it will cost you more money | PressDemocrat.com http://bit.ly/fRm3nk
  25. Group Wants Chance To Opt Out Of Smart Meters – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego http://bit.ly/haYLOG
  26. CMP presents case for 'smart meters' : Opponents vent concerns at public forum – Fosters http://bit.ly/efEBev
  27. San Francisco resists PG&E SmartMeters as it deploys its own devices | Kamala Kelkar | Local | San Francisco Examiner http://bit.ly/ffYLJe
  28. Live Webcast link for very important CPUC meeting this AM, Thurs., 3/24/11 to announce smart meter opt-outs. http://bit.ly/hJDdMm
  29. Idyllwild Town Crier Online http://bit.ly/gaZW8a
  30. Smart meters: A tool of Satan or a logical next step – The Willits News http://bit.ly/fSlX5A
  31. Q for PG&E, San Luis Obispo meeting this wk. 1. Whose idea was it for wireless smart meters to be used, vs. wired? http://bit.ly/dOKl2H
  32. Report: Smart Meters Are Safe – Central Coast News Story – KSBW The Central Coast http://bit.ly/fFYZa2
  33. Discussion : ENERGY: Advocates ask for smart meter opt-out http://bit.ly/flvHoS
  34. Smart meters, stupid company | San Francisco Bay Guardian http://bit.ly/gj2nsu
  35. RT @No2SmartMeters: Speak UP at CPUC Meeting this Thurs Mar 24th 9am 505 Van Ness SF (sign in to speak for 1 min max by 8:45am) cpuc.ca.gov
  36. Speak UP at the CPUC Meeting this Thurs Mar 24th 9am 505 Van Ness SF (sign in to speak for 1 min max by 8:45am )
  37. Why Opt Out is a Cop Out | Stop Smart Meters! http://bit.ly/hr1sqB
  38. Event Notice: Go to CPUC in San Francisco to speak on smart meter concerns in Calif., Thurs. 3/24, be there 8:30 AM signup. www.cpuc.ca.gov
  39. The Tyee – More on Liberal Insiders and BC Hydro's Smart Meter Gold Rush http://bit.ly/fxE3tm
  40. Consumers question installation of smart meters | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com http://bit.ly/h3a2vK
  41. Tehama County Supes take stand on SmartMeters – Red Bluff Daily News Online http://bit.ly/hfK9l3
  42. Smart metering in the United States: by the numbers | ITworld http://bit.ly/f1CKr5
  43. RT @nctimes ENERGY: Advocates ask for smart meter opt-out http://bit.ly/hGoOlM
  44. ENERGY: Advocates ask for smart meter opt-out http://bit.ly/fzJoOz
  45. 'Smart Meters' Not So Smart, Critics Say http://yhoo.it/dRfHt4
  46. American Coalition Against Smart Meters | causes.com http://bit.ly/i7FztQ
  47. About Electro HyperSensitivity http://bit.ly/fx4drF
  48. Pulsed rf radiation is what smart meters emit (16) http://on.fb.me/gWEznz
  49. Marin Officials and Law Enforcement at Odds over SmartMeter Moratorium – The Bay Citizen http://bit.ly/ebdwZ5
  50. No Health Review for PG&E SmartMeters – The Bay Citizen http://bit.ly/eKSfvC
  51. PG&E Customers Can Now Opt-Out of SmartMeters – The Bay Citizen http://bit.ly/h9sbmo
  52. @ToxicJustice Go to www.smartmeterdangers.org and try to read everything on it. Watch the YouTube videos. The Dark Side of Smart Meters good
  53. Lake County News | California – Board of Supervisors: Temporary SmartMeter installation moratorium http://bit.ly/gSeL3j
  54. Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino http://bit.ly/gXi99E
  55. Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino: excellent videos http://bit.ly/hN703A
  56. Wireless in smart meters a health concern http://bit.ly/hhfwFU
  57. Smart meters http://bit.ly/huOz6M
  58. CPUC Foundation won't seek money from utilities http://bit.ly/hSYdzX
  59. EDITORIAL: Smart meters are a dumb idea – Washington Times http://bit.ly/gdtj9U
  60. Migraines, Smart Meters and My New Movie About EMF's – jen pleasants – Open Salon http://bit.ly/fgjOVG
  61. Example of how residents get tricked by utilities into thinking smart meters are great. See comments. http://bit.ly/i94S7F
  62. Stand together against SmartMeters – www.record-bee.com http://bit.ly/exvhUP
  63. Lake County News | California – Glasser: My two cents on Smart Meters http://bit.ly/ffE0nx
  64. Few radioactive particles on U.S. west coast: sources – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/hz2Zqw
  65. SmartMeters: What's next? – www.record-bee.com http://bit.ly/foM2Q7
  66. Environmental Health Coalition of West Marin: Smart meter project http://bit.ly/gcJxJy
  67. SmartMeters: blackmail or boon? The Chronicle editorial about SmartMeters ("Opt for customer choice," March 14) make… http://bit.ly/f9e0JJ
  68. Review of Health Issues Related to Smart Meters, March, 2011, Monterey County Health Dept http://bit.ly/dNrSv3
  69. EMF Safety Network » Smart Meter Media Reports http://bit.ly/ePUxj8
  70. Smart Meters – WABI TV5 http://bit.ly/dXQkER
  71. Marinscope Newspapers > News Pointer > News > SmartMeter opt-out to be proposed, says CPUC http://bit.ly/g78uvN
  72. Another View: There is plenty of evidence that smart meters make people sick | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday http://bit.ly/hPIffC
  73. Lake County News | California – City councils plan to discuss their own actions against SmartMeters http://bit.ly/hq4VgO
  74. Itron CEO sees no more federal smart grid dollars | Reuters http://reut.rs/ibtjQc
  75. Public advocate blasts CMP over meters | Mainebiz http://bit.ly/gzkIdo
  76. Cindy Sage Responds to EPRI’s Critique | eon3EMFblog.net http://bit.ly/hips9t
  77. Resistance is Fertile: CPUC Orders ‘Opt-Out’ & Richmond Fights SF SM Blitz – Digest 3-11-11 | eon3EMFblog.net http://bit.ly/f4BOLV
  78. Experts Debunk ‘Smart’ Meters – Pt.1 – Jeffry Fawcett, Ph.D. | eon3EMFblog.net http://bit.ly/gLnpwo
  79. Feds should act against hackers targeting power grid: experts http://bit.ly/gO6zRg
  80. California utilities commission to allow customers to opt-out of smart meters | SF Public Press http://bit.ly/frkAyZ
  81. McGuinty's reality http://bit.ly/e1pplQ
  82. Maine public advocate: CMP bullies customers into installing 'smart' meters | The Forecaster http://bit.ly/hKtfJj
  83. Public policy and those pesky smart meters « The Berkeley Blog http://bit.ly/hLZWUv
  84. PG&E Works on SmartMeter Opt-Out Plan – The Daily Californian http://bit.ly/gdZQaj
  85. Lake County News | California – Board of Supervisors: Temporary SmartMeter installation moratorium http://bit.ly/gSeL3j
  86. PG&E disregards Precautionary Principle with smart meters | San Francisco Bay View http://bit.ly/fybbTs
  87. SmartMeters should be customers' choice http://bit.ly/eagUJN
  88. It remains to be seen what the proposals will be. This is a good start but, considering the dangerous, pulsed rf rad… http://sfg.ly/gQG4FF
  89. @Craftytee Not that I know of, but you might organize similarly. Public education and public pressure at meetings is effective.
  90. Bakersfield, CA weighs in on CPUC smart meter opt-out plan http://bit.ly/eAbwTQ
  91. CPUC says PG&E should allow smart meter opt-out – Bakersfield.com http://bit.ly/eAbwTQ
  92. RT @No2SmartMeters: Southern CA Edison Smart Grid Project in Irvine CA described US DOE grant as living laboratory http://1.usa.gov/hfqQVL
  93. 2-week deadline for PG&E's SmartMeter opt-out plan http://bit.ly/gk9z0m
  94. SDG&E Smart Meters: Helpful or a huge headache? | UCAN http://bit.ly/ghUA9z
  95. Are Your Smart Meters A Risk To Public Health? – La Mesa Today – Community Website & Online Newspaper http://bit.ly/ggWMBK
  96. RT @No2SmartMeters: The Stupidity of The ‘Smart’ Grid – Blake Levitt | eon3EMFblog.net http://bit.ly/hJJV9V
  97. RT @No2SmartMeters: CPUC tells PG&E to present SmartMeter opt-out plan http://t.co/2WbnpHM via @sfgate
  98. RT @No2SmartMeters: California PUC meeting 3/10/11video link – Pres.Peevey announces order to PG&E for opt-out plan http://bit.ly/hczW2Y
  99. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD » Smart Meters http://bit.ly/hrmq9R
  100. Havas-Report-CCST-Smart-Meters.pdf (application/pdf Object) http://bit.ly/fXiyzk
  101. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD » Are Wireless Smart Meters Safe? http://bit.ly/icyPvL
  102. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD » Taming the Microwave Dragon http://bit.ly/ektCGR
  103. Southern CA Edison Smart Grid Project in Irvine CA described by US Dept of Energy/Utility grant as living laboratory http://1.usa.gov/hfqQVL
  104. Los Altos weighs in on CPUC opt-out announcement. Note comments. http://bit.ly/hvRq5L
  105. San Diego Gas & Electric received $6,177,811 in Recovery Funds for Smart Grid pilot http://1.usa.gov/f5RRSu
  106. San Diego Gas & Electric received $$28,115,052 for wireless communications system (aka smart meters) Recovery Funds http://1.usa.gov/hjdISk
  107. PG&E received $22 million for smart grid from US Recovery Funds http://1.usa.gov/fJ1972
  108. San Francisco news clip on smart meter protests and opt-out order news. http://bit.ly/e8C7Xv
  109. MAJOR ALERT: Visit http://www.lamesatoday.com/profiles/blogs/are-your-smart-meters-a-risk blog to view latest messages re: opt-out plan CA
  110. California PUC meeting 3/10/11video link – hear Pres.Peevey announce order to PG&E opt-out plan be submitted 2 wks http://bit.ly/hczW2Y
  111. State regulators say PG&E should allow smart meter opt-out – San Jose Mercury News http://t.co/6HRdHhl
  112. PUC orders PG&E to let customers opt out of SmartMeter program – San Jose Mercury News http://t.co/9cvG3FM
  113. CPUC tells PG&E to present SmartMeter opt-out plan http://t.co/2WbnpHM via @sfgate
  114. The Stupidity of The ‘Smart’ Grid – Blake Levitt | eon3EMFblog.net http://bit.ly/hJJV9V
  115. SmartMeter revolt persists in Sonoma County | PressDemocrat.com http://bit.ly/gyjXzG
  116. Sebastopol urged to ban SmartMeters | PressDemocrat.com http://bit.ly/eY4ZfC
  117. PUC consumer division urges more study on SmartMeters | PressDemocrat.com http://bit.ly/h9CuSW
  118. California utilities commission to allow customers to opt-out of smart meters | Way Out West News http://bit.ly/dUNHDW
  119. CPUC Wants PG&E to Set Up SmartMeter Opt-Out | KQED News Fix http://bit.ly/em7Giy
  120. Are Your Smart Meters A Risk To Public Health? – La Mesa Today – Community Website & Online Newspaper http://bit.ly/hczW2Y
  121. Rush Limbaugh & Smartmeters http://bit.ly/eB0PDD Rush should visit www.smartmeterdangers.org – visit www.twitter.com/No2SmartMeters
  122. Rush Limbaugh is getting smart about the dangers of Smart Meters. Contact him w/ your info. http://bit.ly/fpQxn1
  123. Checking out "Are Your Smart Meters A Risk To Public Health?" on La Mesa Today – Community Websit: http://ning.it/gtkOGs
  124. Are Your Smart Meters A Risk To Public Health? – La Mesa Today – Community Website & Online Newspaper http://bit.ly/hy0gVF
  125. SmartMeters moratorium – www.record-bee.com http://bit.ly/gUi2cG
  126. Expert Tells Town To Wait on Smart Meters – Belmont, MA Patch http://bit.ly/id2uAH
  127. Lake County may take SmartMeter fight to court | PressDemocrat.com http://bit.ly/hjDJZj
  128. Lake County News | California – PG&E won't honor SmartMeter moratorium; county counsel considers CPUC petition http://bit.ly/ebC1pC
  129. Group argues smart meters could pose health danger – News – Source Newspapers http://bit.ly/hupZF9
  130. Could smart electric meters be a dumb idea? – USATODAY.com http://usat.ly/f7aRil
  131. 32 Local Govts Now Oppose "Smart" Meters After Health Complaints : Indybay http://bit.ly/hbkh56
  132. County supervisors agree to ask for halt to SmartMeter installation – Breaking News – SanLuisObispo.com http://bit.ly/gTWYQJ
  133. Pacific Grove to send resolution against smart meters to PUC – MontereyHerald.com : http://bit.ly/fQIJr8
  134. A few have no doubts about smart meters' ill effects | The Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME http://bit.ly/gMliq5
  135. WCSH6.com | Portland, ME | More complaints about "Smart Meters" http://bit.ly/hn9FYA
  136. New petition challenges Maine smart meters on health grounds :: The Republic http://bit.ly/fr3Oqc
  137. Nobel Prize Conferring Stockholm Neurological Institute issues Press Release Against Smart Meters http://scr.bi/gUmhd5
  138. SmartMeters face new government opposition | KSBY.com | San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles http://bit.ly/ieEji0
  139. Could smart electric meters be a dumb idea? – USATODAY.com http://usat.ly/f7aRil
  140. Lake County News | California – Supervisors pass SmartMeter moratorium, direct staff to begin legal action to stop inst http://bit.ly/hM3Ucq
  141. Josh Hart presents the case against wireless smart meters to Golden Gate Breakfast Club in San Francisco last week. http://bit.ly/f7CFTq
  142. New time CPUC meeting 3/10/11: 9 AM (go early). CA Public Utilities Comm. 505 Van Ness Avenue (at McAllister, near City Hall) San Francisco
  143. Ban Smart Meters | Working to Ban Smart Meters in Texas & Beyond… http://bit.ly/foVfzP
  144. Support smart meter bill CA Assembly AB 37, go to CPUC meeting in San Francisco Thurs. March 10, 9:00 AM http://bit.ly/gwWBC7
  145. Reducing cell-phone radiation risks | The Asheville Citizen-Times | citizen-times.com http://bit.ly/heNBo5
  146. schoolmoldhelp.org – Home http://bit.ly/8vDT8s
  147. I invite those concerned with public health to follow Smart Meter Dangers / visit www.smartmeterdangers.org
  148. SMART METERS: A PUBLIC HEALTH MENACE! Smart grid a failure and harmful. Learn more at www.smartmeterdangers.org. http://bit.ly/g2qEFn
  149. Sign up to receive updates on US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce http://1.usa.gov/g4gqxR
  150. Electromagnetic Health | Cellphone & Wireless Safety | Education, and Interviews http://bit.ly/16dMEI
  151. Smart Meters in Canada: $1 billion: no benefit in cost savings, no benefit conservation. It's a complete failure." http://bit.ly/ekSyAP
  152. Lake County News | California – SmartMeter fight grows locally; supervisors prepare to look at legal options http://bit.ly/fa3ihs
  153. Lake County: a super editorial on smart meter fascism – a must read. http://bit.ly/ffE0nx
  154. Smart move on SmartMeters – Times-Standard Online http://bit.ly/hhn3vY
  155. Seaside bans PG&E’s controversial SmartMeters – Local – SanLuisObispo.com http://t.co/uQInfG8 via @SLOTribune
  156. RT @LBAGroup: Alaska Supreme Court Upholds Award for RF Radiation Injury Below Thermal Exposure Level http://bit.ly/ePYoUw
  157. No Smart Meters SF: I never thought my country would come to this. http://bit.ly/e9pzCH
  158. Energy Firms Help Pay For State Regulators' Far-Flung Trips | Consumer Watchdog http://bit.ly/hQysb7
  159. Event Alert! California PUC Meeting in San Francisco on 3/10/11. Speakers encouraged. AB 37 Smart Mtr Bill discussed http://bit.ly/gMK2Sp
  160. A few have no doubts about smart meters' ill effects | The Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME: http://disq.us/1ch4m3
  161. The symptoms real, shared by many. Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org. Maine family confirms smart meter harms health. http://bit.ly/gMliq5
  162. @No2SmartMeters @kj_online Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org to read reports done on smart meters in CA. Proven dangerous, get rid of them.
  163. A few have no doubts about smart meters' ill effects | Torture, like a weapon on homes, dangerous… – http://bit.ly/eTrfiq via @kj_online
  165. TheStar NO RETURN: LIVING HELL. www.smartmeterdangers.org $1 billion smart meters http://t.co/h4zKHv3 via @AddThis
  166. What is the return on $1 billion smart meter investment? View / comment, plse. WE SAY NO RETURN, BUT A LIVING HELL. http://bit.ly/gIiq2I
  167. Discovered that the fiberoptic smart grid project in Chattenooga, TN has wirelessly transmitting smart meters. Bad news.
  169. SmartMeterDangers.org-Home http://bit.ly/g2qEFn
  170. SmartMeterDangers.org-Welcome http://bit.ly/g2qEFn
  171. Welcome http://bit.ly/g2qEFn
  172. Environmental Medicine Matters » Hamburg hospital offers rooms for patients with MCS and environmental illness http://bit.ly/i2g9TX
  173. City of Monterey 29th Local Govt. in CA to Demand Smart Meter Halt : Indybay http://bit.ly/h1wUUD
  174. Smart Meters promoted as usual ahead of time by media, w/ utility info. See comments. http://bit.ly/ekD16P
  175. Third party should assess SmartMeters – Phil Dirkx – SanLuisObispo.com http://bit.ly/faX63t
  176. SDG&E Smart Meters: Helpful or a huge headache? | UCAN http://bit.ly/ghUA9z
  177. New Smart Meters Making Me (and Others) Sick http://bit.ly/hwowRv
  178. Smart Meters and Smart Regulation « Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy http://bit.ly/dQJha1
  179. www.metering.com | Smart meters not to be compulsory in Netherlands http://bit.ly/erU90o
  180. Kathy Nelson, Red Bluff: SmartMeter column – Red Bluff Daily News Online http://t.co/iFqqbbp
  181. PG Police Called Out for SmartMeter Debate – KION – Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz – News Weather http://bit.ly/hBL5Gp
  182. Monterey says PG&E smart meters should be optional – MontereyHerald.com : http://bit.ly/i1n8kT
  183. Tidbit Tuesday – Say No to the Smart Meter | Holistic Health Talk http://bit.ly/gwQ4VF
  184. Radiation effect must be checked before 4G system is okayed http://t.co/vOrSpyA via @Jerusalem_Post
  185. Smart Meter Safety: The Fight to Protect Health, Safety and Security « smartmetersafetydotcom http://bit.ly/fSa1o7
  186. Smart Meter Health Risks http://bit.ly/eW2ZyW
  187. "…the best laid plans of Mice an' Men often go awry and leave us naught but grief and pain, for promised joy!" http://yoono.com/OCVO-Bj
  188. Dr. Magda Havas, PhD » Population Control & Microwave Radiation http://bit.ly/hPoIGb
  189. RT @No2SmartMeters: City of Monterey Demands Halt to Smart MetersVisit www.smartmeterdangers.org http://bit.ly/gGsokG http://bit.ly/gGsokG
  190. Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org http://bit.ly/gGsokG
  191. Supervisor aims to delay SmartMeter installations – Local – SanLuisObispo.com: http://disq.us/1b41s0 (@slotribune)
  192. Protesters PG&E’s SmartMeters in SF| www.smartmeterdangers.org: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2011/03/protesters-call-blockage-smartmeters
  193. Protesters in SF call for blockage of smart meters due to health concerns, www.smartmeterdangers.org http://bit.ly/fWusrh
  194. Smart Water Meter Market Expected to Skyrocket to $4.2 Billion : TreeHugger http://t.co/lQCseOW via @TreeHugger
  195. Santa Cruz County ground zero for SmartMeter opposition – San Jose Mercury News http://bit.ly/fhVxB0
  196. RT @No2SmartMeters: PG&E Smart Meter installation protested in San Francisco | DUE TO HEALTH DANGERS OF THESE METERS http://bit.ly/fP6UNN
  197. @No2SmartMeters This article needs comments, plse leave a comment therein.
  198. PG&E Smart Meter installation protested in San Francisco | Bay City News | Local | San Francisco Examiner http://bit.ly/fP6UNN
  199. Capitola City Council Discovers Smart Meters are Not UL Certified : Indybay http://bit.ly/ecLwj7
  200. @HuffPostGreen
  201. @grist We haven't learned not to harm humans and animals in our zeal to reduce greenhouse gases. Visit smartmeterdangers.org
  202. Smart Meter Q & A http://bit.ly/geVZdi
  203. Sage Report Smart Meter RF http://bit.ly/i7kXAN
  204. Smart Meter deployment map of USA http://bit.ly/gWmCRI
  205. PG&E Smart Meters Four Times More Powerful http://bit.ly/fh9Gfy
  206. SMs Worse Than Cell Phones – Two Orders of Magnitude http://bit.ly/ePAbBJ
  207. Watch 39 smart meter presenters @ CPUC meeting 2/24/11 and learn why they are so upset. Plse share with your friends http://bit.ly/hbNLyD
  208. Learn about why your new (or coming) utility meter may be harmful to your health! http://bit.ly/g2qEFn
  209. Wireless utility company smart meters are a threat to public health. Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org to find out why!
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