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Join the American Coalition Against Smart Meters (ACASM) today! Our public health is at stake – indoor and outdoor emissions from utility (electric, water, and gas) smart meters pollute our environment, causing electrosmog, a threat to life, health, and safety. People are suffering without help from these mandatory devices. Smart meters are also a threat to our freedoms, as they intrude upon our privacy. Learn more at and follow smart meter news Tweets on Join this cause to learn more, take action, and help end the problem of smart meters in our communities!
We support opting out of smart meter installations, swapping out installed smart meters for safe analogue meters, a nationwide moratorium on all installations, and an end to the use of all smart meters in America.


  1. Smart meters can severely impact the health of electro sensitive people and the general population.
  2. We believe in immediate smart meter opt-outs and swap-outs for concerned, at risk, or sick individuals.
  3. Smart meters pollute the environment, harm public health, risk our wildlife, and interfere with safety and privacy.
  4. We demand that our federal and state governments institute an immediate moratorium on all installations and end the use of smart meters.
  5. Visit for more information on smart meter dangers.
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