Testimony: Nowhere to Escape from Smart Meters

Nowhere to Escape from “Smart” Meters

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One woman's struggle with health impacts from her 'smart' meter

We received this heart-wrenching account from a woman living in San Francisco, and her battle with PG&E.  Unlike many other people who have demanded removal of a ‘smart’ meter due to health impacts, she was successful at getting the besieged utility to remove her meter.   Despite this, she is still struggling…

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Note: the symptoms above are typical of what people report after becoming ill following smart meter installations.The atypical part of this story is that the woman was successful in getting the smart meter removed. However, her neighbors' meters are still there, as they are increasingly blanketing California. Recovery requires no continued triggers, as several environmental doctors have stated. Hard to accomplish when there is NO PLACE TO ESCAPE. This is why we recommend that everyone, including  tourists, avoid areas with smart meters. It can happen to anyone, and in a short time, unfortunately, one more reason to STOP SMART METERS (AND REMOVE THEM) IN CA AND THROUGHOUT AMERICA.
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